What Makes A Witch

Greer is a young rat thrown into a cruel world. Living on the streets, he finds sanctuary with Mistress Addison, a witch and enemy of the Grand Coven. Though only women can control the power of the ley lines, Mistress Addison defies those rules and agrees to take the young rat on as her apprentice. Starting his journey, Greer finds himself learning far more about his own identity than how to cast spells. Follow him and see how his unfolds in What Makes a Witch!

WHAT REveiwers Are Saying

“What Makes a Witch is a delightful novella focusing on magic and identity. The book is well written, fun, and perfectly appropriate for midgrade readers that also enjoy books such as the Redwall series.”

Madison Scott-Clary

Author of ally

It is a charming tale with the feel of a fable and a wonderful message.  The characters are delightfully portrayed, and the world comes to life with a sweet undertone despite the harsh situation that the characters face.

Frances Pauli

Author of Disbanded


Linnea has been featured in several anthologies for both short stories and poetry. You can see all of her written works by checking out the Books page.


ABOUT Linnea

I want to write stories that make it so everyone can see a representation of themselves in print.

Linnea Capps, sometimes known as the “LiteralGrill” is a queer disabled writer currently living in Madison, Wisconsin. She lives with her found family of two roommates, two cats, and her daughter whenever she can visit. She writes in a variety of genres for different ages, but most of her stories feature anthropomorphic animals.

When not writing or reading, Linnea loves to sing silly songs on her ukulele, play board games with friends, and taking care of her bonsai trees she is raising from seedlings. 

Linnea B. Capps

Book Author, President of the Furry Writers’ Guild

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