About Linnea

Linnea was born and raised in Baraboo, Wisconsin with her three sisters and one brother. At age eight, she was diagnosed with GuillainBarré syndrome that left her with lingering nerve damage as she grew.

Growing up in a circus town like Baraboo, she worked at the circus for four years which left her with a wonderful sense of adventure and whimsy.

She had her daughter when she was only 19 years old, and began to explore her gender shortly after before transitioning to live full time as the woman she is.

In 2018 she received a severe ankle surgery resulting in surgery that was unsuccessful. So in February of 2020, she underwent a below knee amputation of her right foot.

She currently feels more free in her wheelchair than she ever did with her legs that gave her problems for years and has taken her disability in stride. She does work advocating for the disability community as well as LGBT+ people.

She is currently elected  president of the Furry Writers’ Guild where she helps authors promote fiction featuring anthropomorphic animals.

I've been told at times that I have an almost sickening sense of optimism. I've had nerve damage, lost a foot, and had more problems than you could count. But nothing will ever stop me from smiling. Nothing.
- Linnea B. Capps

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