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Sensory Details

Sensory De-Tails

There exists an occasional pattern in most furry writing: when writing characters who exist in a world where people have animal characteristics, furry characters tend not to smell the blood in the room, hear a person breathing behind the trees or see in specific colors. In a nutshell, these furry characters were only furry in appearance.

And so, editor Thurston Howl (Foxers and Bear-iefs and 12 Days of Yiffmas) issued a challenge to all furry writers: write furry erotica with the core argument of, “[insert sense here] is the sexiest part of furry erotica!”

And they rose—in more ways than one—to meet the challenge, culminating in this very book!

This anthology features Linnea’s short story “Titillating Trivia”

Dog Pile

Welcome to the dogpile! We welcome all kinds of pets here: pups, ponies, kittens, and more. Inside these pages, you’ll find a unique headspace, one where you get to fit inside someone else’s paws. Meet your master or handler. And have a pawesome time with our kinky resident pets.

With stories from Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps, Al Song, TJ Minde, Thomas “Faux” Steele, Thiger, Jaden Drackus, and Faolan, this furry erotic anthology has furry characters engaging in pet play for an all-around fun experience.

So, put your gear on, come on in, mind the rules, and remember: bad pups get sent to the kennel.

This anthology features Linnea’s short story “Familiar”


Electric Sewer

There is a club on the outskirts of town. The neon lights outside flicker over silhouetted forms smoking.

Inside, a rat bartender watches forms dancing, glares are exchanged, and the drinks are sloshing.

The bass is loud, and the dancers strip more and more…and more.


This anthology features Linnea’s short story “The Glow”

Nefarious Nature

Mother Nature is not all sunshine and rainbows…she can have quite the evil and horrific side when unleashed. From films like Jaws, Cujo, The Birds, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes to short stories such as “The Wendigo” and “The Black Vein Runs Deep” to novels like The Bridge, After London, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, when nature’s fury is felt there is much hell paid by all those in the way.

Collected here, in volume four of our HOWLERS series, are several stories which seek to find an answer to an ageless question: man vs. nature, who will win? Plants, animals, earth, air, fire, and water are looked at through the horror lens, whether it be acts of magic and menace, an ageless horror sleeping unsoundly, giant shapeless masses squirming in a bed, or the motion of the world itself all in the palm of an unlikely subject. These stories are meant to take you beyond the sunny, tropical veil of the normal and into the cold, grim dark of the weird…

This anthology features Linnea’s short story “The Marvelous Marcello”


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