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This volume of ROAR explores the idea of community from every angle and with all kinds of animals. You’ll find darkness inside, but you’ll also find hope, help, and connections to brighten the night. These sixteen stories, from long time furry authors and rising stars, are your invitation.

So step inside and go on an adventure with an exiled fox and his friends in the rain forest. Take a hike with a fisher. Learn magic with a dragon. Attend a family reunion full of gregarious cows. Face a mystery among meerkats. Celebrate Colony Day on Mars.

This anthology features Linnea’s Leo Award winning short story “Bourbon Jack”

Boldly Going Forward


Some say it’s the final frontier, others say it’s just the beginning of a new adventure. Something—someone is out there, and your mission is to boldly go forward into the unknown.

This collection of stories takes you on that mission, and by choosing to accept, you’re benefiting the ALS Association, who has their own undertaking of fighting ALS on every front.

This anthology features Linnea’s short story “A New Star”

Furry Haiku

The art of haiku is to express much yet remain concise. The poet must pack a great deal of meaning into their poem while only saying a few words. This brief anthology features poets who have captured that balance between remaining small and concise and showing us an entire world.

Each poem is translated in Japanese on the opposite page, and each poem features animals in some way.

This anthology features two haiku written by Linnea

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