Incoming Project Update: June 2020

Hello everyone! If you haven’t checked out my website in a while, you’re in for a huge surprise. We’ve had a massive upgrade! The entire site looks better than ever and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be working on a few little finishing touches here and there, but for now I hope you seriously enjoy just how much easier it is to navigate and just how much better everything looks.

Of course, while this was a big project, it’s not the biggest one on my mind. What Makes a Witch is releasing August 18th! If you somehow have missed all of my tweeting about it, get all the details you need right here. It’s wonderful to see positive advance reviews coming in, my daughter certainly loved me reading it to her! Have I mentioned that we’ll also have an audio book? Because we’ll also have an audio book read to you by emerging voice talent Pheen Felrose. I couldn’t be more excited to get this book into your hands.

However, you might be asking, “What comes next Linnea?” Thankfully, I have some answers for you! I still have a few projects with contracts accepted for this coming year. Here’s a few things waiting on the pipeline, starting with anthology features:

  • “The Anniversary Gift” in Pawly Love from Bound Tales
  • “Computer Literacy For Deities” in ROAR Volume 11 from FurPlanet
  • “Secret Identity” in Small Loves from Hybrid Ink
  • “More Valuable Than Gold” in FANG Volume 11 from FurPlanet
  • “The Marvelous Marcello” in Nefarious Nature from Thurston Howl Press

I also have a short story brewing for Electric Sewer Volume 2, but we’ll have to see if that gets accepted when I send it in! I also do have another short story in an upcoming horror anthology, accepted and all, but I can’t share the details on that yet. I look forward to sharing it with you once I’m able.

Speaking of hidden projects with little details, I do have other stand alone works in, well, the works! What Makes a Witch will have a sequel which is of course already in the writing stages. I’m planning out the general story and have a bit started already, so you’d better read the first book so you’re ready for it! There is a tentative title, but I won’t reveal it. Not yet at least ;3

In terms of books, there’s a couple more of those I might be able to tease about. I’m working through the second draft of a story in the Hayven Celestia Universe. I’m excited to get this polished, and hope to join Gre7g Luterman and Rick Griffin as an author with a full fledged novel in the universe. Some of you may have also had the fortune to beta read a short story called “Up Above”. I’ve been looking at it carefully and decided the story could be better told if expanded into a novella. Of course with these other two pressing books this one may take a while, but I’ll share progress as I can.

Besides this, there are a couple more projects I’ve got in the works. Of course, I’ll be editing the anthology “The Furry Gameshow Network” as previously announced, but I do have another anthology to edit incoming. I can’t share those details yet, but I’m sure you’ll be excited to see its theme when the time comes.

I have to admit I’ve had a very fortunate year in terms of acceptance letters and getting things out and published. I know I couldn’t do that without a demand for the kinds of stories only I can write. So I want to thank each and every one of you reading them and sharing with friends. The smiles I know people are getting while reading keeps me motivated to create more. Until next time, keep safe, keep well, and keep on reading!

Incoming Project Update: June 2020

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