What Makes a Witch

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What Makes a Witch is an LGBT+ Fantasy novella exploring concepts of identity, found family, and of course magic! Written for middle-grade readers (or queer adults who are children at heart) it tells a tale of Greer, a young rat, trying to square their past with the realities of the world after a misstep at home leaves them on the street.

This novella was written so any reader could pick up a book and read it within a few days while learning a bit about others, or quite possibly their own, identity.

What Makes a Witch is set to release on August 18th, 2020 and is being published by Weasel Press

Praise For What Makes A Witch:

"What Makes a Witch is a delightful novella focusing on magic and identity. The book is well written, fun, and perfectly appropriate for midgrade readers that also enjoy books such as the Redwall series."
Madison Scott-Clary
Author of ally

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Also available from Fusselschwarm for European buyers. 

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